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Freshly Pick 6 Sapodilla

Freshly pick Sapodilla chikoo Fruits

Sapodilla chikoo  Fruits - for sale

Sapodilla chikoo  Fruits are so gorgeous to look and 'flavour-core' is a sure guarantee of luscious  Sweet sugary flavors , make this a truly special fruit.

Sapodilla chikoo  are freshly hand-pick for excellent quality.full-colored and free of moldy spots.

It is one of the best known fruits of the world. Sapodilla was formerly often known by the invalid name Achras sapota. It is known as chikoo or sapota in India, sofeda in Eastern India & Bangladesh, chikoo (also spelled "chikku," "चिक्कू," "chiku," "चीकू," or "ciku") in South Asia and Pakistan, chico in the Philippines, sawo in Indonesia, ciku in Malaysia, hồng xiêm (xa pô chê) in Vietnam, sapodilla in Guyana sapodilla or rata-mi in Sri Lanka, lamoot (ÅÐÁØ´) in Thailand and Cambodia, níspero in Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Dominican Republic and Venezuela, nípero in Cuba and Dominican Republic, dilly in the Bahamas, naseberry in the rest of the West Indies, and sapoti in Brazil. In Kelantanese Malay, the fruit is called "sawo nilo" which is closer to the original name than the standard Malay "ciku".


Sapodilla chikoo  Fruits Sold as a fresh item, Sapodilla chikoo  should be refrigerated before you eat 45 minutes.

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