Rambutan are freshly hand-pick for excellent quality.full-colored and free of moldy spots. Rambutan comes from the Malay word “rambout” meaning hairy. Rambutans grow in large clusters on the tree. Excellent for decorative purposes.

History: Originates from Malaysia and Sumatra.

Shape: Oval to oblong in shape.

Weight/size: Typically about 5cm in diameter.

Colour: Vivid red or variegated coloured fruit covered in soft spines. A yellow variety is also available. The flesh is usually transparent or white in colour and contains one seed.

Taste: Sweet flesh with a mild acid flavour, which is very refreshing.

Thanks so much. Rambutan are my number 1 favorite. I just have to say also that your Rambutan and Mangosteen are the BEST. I have EVER tasted. I am soooo happy. Susan.New York City.
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