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Whenever you visit the four corners of the world, you'll find that people in US, New Zealand, Brazil, Indonesia, Kenya and Florida are eaten the same way as passion fruit. The Passion Fruit is one of the most exotic of all tropical fruit because of the magic of its aroma and the taste of its fruit. Passion fruit is an oval-shaped, purplish-brown fruit that grows on a woddy vine, which climbs and clings to other forest plants in order to grow upward. The vine produces large white flowers and a fruit known as passion fruit.

The fruit is ripe when it is soft and wrinkled on the outside, and on the inside becomes golden yellow colored with a watery and jelly-like textured flesh. Sweet yet somewhat tart in flavor, the flesh and seeds are edible but are generally used as a flavoring in beverages, ice cream, sorbets, jams, sauces, marinades, and fruit salads.

Many of our customers have told us that they cannot find Passion Fruit with an extremely fresh taste. We understand customers may be a bit weary, of buying this fruit from an online store, but with the way we handle and pack our fruits, so when you receive them, so you enjoy the the freshest taste.