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Freshly Pick 12 Organic Navel Oranges from California - November through May

Enjoy fresh oranges out of the hand, grilled with poultry or fish, mixed in salads, squeezed into juice or used as a garnish.

These oranges are characterized by the development of small secondary fruits in the blossom end of the main fruits, small protrusions that look like "belly-buttons". Large fruits with moderately thick, brilliantly colored orange rind that is easy to peel, Navels are firm and heavy for their size. They are seedless, with a superior rich flavor nicely balanced between sugar and acid. These mouth watering delicacies are plump, juicy and sugar-sweet. Separate into segments or cut them into wedges and eat. Fresh California Navels are the best eating orange in the world, they are Mother natures sweetest candy.

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Please note: The Arizona Agricultural Department prohibits the shipment of any Citrus fruits into their state.

Selection, Storage & Handling:

Organic Navel Oranges are hand-selected for excellent quality. Choose firm, shiny skinned fruit heavy for their size. Keep at room temperature for one week or refrigerate for up to one month. Organic produce should not be stacked with non-organic produce.

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