The Minneola tangelo is a hybrid cross between a Mandarin and a Grapefruit. The flavors of is parents are noticeable in the fruit, having a sweet taste, then a tang.

Minneola tangelo is by far the juiciest fruit of all citrus and makes a refreshing drink. The Minneola variety has a distinct bump on the top of the fruit, making it slightly pear-shaped. The fruit ripens July, August to a deep orange, almost red color. The amazing fruit color, contrasting against the glossy dark green foliage makes it a great specimen.

Itís the thrill of enjoying Minneola tangelo at the very peak of flavor. Fresh from orchards and fields in every part of Australia, the handpicked Minneola tangelo's we send to your doorstep is exactly what nature intended. Ripened to perfection and bursting with sweet, juicy goodness, Minneola tangelo is the perfect gift for any health-conscious person on your gift list.

12 Minneola tangelo in your box

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