Mini Seasonal Fruit 6 Month Club Free Shipping

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Mini Seasonal Fruit 6 Month Club Free Shipping
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Mini Seasonal Fruit 6 Month Club Free Shipping
Each year and each season we will make fun you delicious select on of the best tasting seasonal fruits around. When you join the Mini Seasonal Fruit Club, your Membership will afford you the opportunity to taste some truly exquisite fruit. Plus, we offer this great membership to you at an ultra low prices. You can select between a three month, six months,nine months or a twelvemonth subscription to the Mini Seasonal Fruit Club.

Our Mini Seasonal Fruit Club delivers a succulent fruit quickly-to-eat fruit, direct to your door from the grower. Each monthly package will take different kinds of seasonal fruits. All seasonal fruits are harvested by hand at the top of the local growing season. All seasonal fruits are shipped to make it during the 3rd or 4th week of each month.
Month Mini Seasonal Fruit Club Month Mini Seasonal Fruit Club
January 2½ pounds Baby Pineapples July 1 pounds Kumquats
February 2 pounds Blood Oranges August 2 pounds Plumcots.
March 2 pounds Mangoes. September Dragon Fruits - 1 Lbs.
April 2 pounds Cherimoyas October 6 Passion Fruits
May 1 pounds Kiwi November Longan - 1 Lbs.
June 1½ pounds Strawberry Papayas December 1 pounds Rambutan


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