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Are you looking for a tasty fruit that will rock your world? The mangosteen fruit is an exotic fruit that will do just that!

This is a fruit that is commonly known as the purple mangosteen and originates in Southern Asia where extreme tropical climates exist. This fruit has been considered a delicacy for many years and will continue to be for years to come.

The mangosteen fruit is one that appeals to the mass. It features a very sweet taste that will by hard to resist by anyone. It takes several weeks to ripen but once it does, this is a fruit you will not want to put down. The aroma of the fruit inside is like none other.

To open the fruit up, simply score it in a circle with a knife, hold the mangosteen in the palm of your hands while trying to pry it open with both thumbs. Once it is cracked, you should be able to easily pull apart the mangosteen and begin enjoying its delectable taste!

Many of our customers have told us that they cannot find mangosteens with an extremely fresh taste. We understand that customers may be a bit weary of buying this fruit from an online store but with the way we handle our fruit, you will have no worries. Unlike our competitors, we offer only freshly hand picked fruit, including the mangosteen, the day that you place your order. We will ship it to you as quickly as possible allowing you to get the freshest tasting fruit available.

This is especially important with the mangosteen. The mangosteen is known for hiding the fact that the inside of the fruit is bad. If the fruit is still soft on the outside, it is almost a guarantee that the fruit is still edible. This is the condition we strive for you to receive your mangosteen in. If you are ever unsatisfied for any reason, always remember that we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and we will work with you to make your purchase the right purchase!

Eight Fresh Mangosteen Hand Picked Fruits in Your Box


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