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Keitt mango
Keitt mango
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Tropical fruit club bring the juiciest and flavorful natural delicacies of Keitt mangos. Keitt mango is silky smooth, and the thin seed means you get more edible fruit than with some other mango varieties. Note that the skin is green even when the fruit is ripe.

While spring brings us luscious Ataulfo (aka Manila) mangoes, fall is when Keitt mangoes arrive. In August and September, this delicious fruit helps ease the pain as we begin to say goodbye to the berries and stone fruits of summer.

Ataulfo and Keitt mangoes share some characteristics. A slight lemony nuance brightens the sweet flavor, and a smooth, no fibrous flesh surrounds a thin seed. To me, though, the Keitt is a bit richer.

Keitt mangoes range in size from 12 ounces to 2 pounds, and from 6 to 8 inches long. It's a big-bellied thing, larger than any other mango commonly seen on the U.S. market.

Its all-green color may put off the casual consumer who will associate green with something unripe or sour. The skin will have few, if any, tints of other color even when ripe, and may be quite slick and glossy.

A substantial portion of the Keitt crop is certified organically grown, as it ripens; the Keitt develops the thick plumpness of your old camp pillow. It'll soften just a bit and may even develop some pucker lines toward the ends.

To store: Never refrigerate an unpeeled Keitt; let it sit on the counter out of the sun where it'll hold for four to five days. Peeled fruit holds in the fridge for about three days before it begins to acquire a musky "off" flavor. This unique fruit makes a perfect snack or a delicious

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