The 24Hour Best buy.Com was created in response to feedback from many of Exotic Fruit buyers. They told us that we should be offering “exotic” Fruits from around the world to go with our American Life Style. We took over a year to complete our research, and now we are sure. In fact our visitors and our clients rated 24Hour Best Buy as the Number One Exotic Fruits company in the USA.

As a small company, has never grown too far from its roots. In 2002, we launched our website,

Because of the high quality products that we offer, along with our customer service superiority, we have grown many times over. We back our products like no one else in the industry with a one of a kind guarantee. Our guarantee is simple and to the point: if you are unsatisfied with your fruit, return it within seven days and we will refund your money—no questions asked. That is how confident we are that you will love the fruit we deliver.

Now to the juicy stuff! We have combed the globe to find the best farmers available and we have implemented a great delivery system. The broad range of fruit that we offer literally spans the globe touching almost all of the continents. Once you place your order, and only when you place your order, the fruit is handpicked and sent wherever you desire in the United States. We feature a broad range of fruits because we know that there are a broad range of preferences that everyone has.

As a company we are respectful not only to our customers, but to our competitors. We believe in fair competition and do not ever intend to infringe on their rights as a business. We are firm believers in strong competition as it is what makes businesses honest. Also, we abide by all laws and regulations pertaining to our company and industry as a whole. If you, the customer ever find that we are mistaken with any information on our site, please let us know immediately so that we may take the appropriate action to correct the problem. With all of that said, we are willing to stand strong in our beliefs as good, honest, hard-working individuals.

When you shop or even just visit, you will be immersed in a grand selection of exotic fruits. You will be shopping with a trusted company that has been around for over a century and we have one reason for our success—you, the customer. We are firm believers in what we do and how we do it because we have been so successful at it for so long.

So, with your help and the help of many others, we will continue delivering juicy and delicious fruits to your front door for another century!

What Our Customers and Visitors Has to Say

"We had a great experience with 24Hour We were introduced to 24Hour when we received it as an anniversary gift. Columbus. OH",

"24Hour Bestbuy is a fantastic way to start the week. The quality of the exotic fruit is always a very high standard; the dedicated service is efficient and personal. If we want to request different fruit, one email or phone call and our wish is granted."

"My wife is in the food industry. She is also a huge fan of Dr.Raj. It is so hard to find exotic fruits in New York. But I found California Cherimoya and I am sure that I will be shopping 24Hour for future presents. Times Square. NY",

The website 24Hour is fantastic for fresh exotic fruits. I used it last year as well. I compared shopping on another shopping website and gave up. This one is much better. Los Angeles. CA", "For the people who have everything. this is a great website to buy exotic fruits. Who would like to try a different type of exotic and organic fruits. Thanks for the service. Beverley Hills. CA",

"Absolutely exotic fruits are the best. it was a gift for dear friends and they LOVED it. Seattle. WA",

"I just have to say I love 24Hour Last year I bought a Rambutan for my brother and sister in law for anniversary and they loved the whole idea. Keep it up. Albany Street New York",

"24Hour is the greatest. They always have what I want and purchasing and ordering is very simple. I highly recommend 24Hour Bellevue. Washington",

"I love 24Hour They have such a wonderful selection of exotic fruits. They do a great job of keeping me and my gift recipient informed about the shipment. Long Island. New York",

"A fun, exciting and easy way to buy gifts. Selection is better quality than any internet shop I have been to and I enjoy uncommon wines. New York. NY",

"I like the in depth descriptions of the exotic fruits. It makes selecting wine much easier. Oak Brook. IL",

"I love shopping at 24Hour They have an excellent quality mangosteen at a good price. I have never been disappointed with a shipment. E Broadway. New York. NY",

"I really like 24Hour it is easy for me to use and the staff is helpful. There are a lot of choices for gifts. Houston Texas",

"This was my first experience ordering from 24Hour although we have received fruits in the past. I was pleased when one of my gift selections was unavailable and that customer service emailed me and gave me choices. Salt Lake City. UT",

"24Hour is the best exotic fruit merchant online. Customer service is superb. Anaheim. CA",

"Was a Wedding Birthday gift. was delivered on time and far exceeded expectations. The choices were superior. Flushing Ave. Brooklyn. NY",

"Wonderful site 24Hour and fast delivery. 17th St. New York. NY",

"Super fast shipping and packaged great. New York. New York 10001",

"I have ordered from 24Hour several times and each time I have been 100 percent satisfied with the promptness of the delivery of my merchandise. Orlando. FL 32809",

"My parents are absolutely delighted with their fruit gifts. Also they have very good taste. I am happy to let you know that they are impressed with the quality of the fruits and they have actually requested that this be their Christmas gift every year. I will never again have to worry about what to give them. Portland. Oregon",

"Thanks for making my shopping life so easy on Christmas time Seattle.Washington",

"I am very impressed with the level of knowledge that your employees have. Nerry told me more than I would ever want to know about Mangosteen and when I later emailed a question to Nerry about how to eat mangosteen. I got a very detailed and thorough full page back on how to eat. Overall.. I am very impressed with both your customer service and of course the selections. They are always very unusual and tasty. Chicago. IL",

"My first reaction was fruit quality...well packaged. fresh and tasty with free shipping. Malibu.California",

"I bought your service for my father last Christmas because he is a big time fruit lover. and always I can not figure out what to get him. I think he returns most of my gifts anyway. I was so surprised when he called me up after he had received the first month and said how ecstatic he was to get nuber 1 quality of fresh fruits. He said he never knew I was that creative. He called me again this month when he got his second shipment. Guess I do not have to worry about what to get him anymore. Thanks for the cool gift idea.Seattle. Washington",

"My Fedex driver said he could actually smell the mango coming out of the box one month. I think that must have been the Alphonso mango I am really enjoying the variety that you send from month to month. I do not think I have ever received any six mangoes that were very similar. Denver. CO",

I appreciate your Mangosteen Fruits and excellent customer service. I’ll order again very soon! Kim Norwalk, CA

I used your service for a last minute gift. My sister enjoyed it so much, now I’m joining myself! R.M. Omaha, NE

I don't think you can find a more satisfied customer! Exotic Fruits! - R. Smith, Omaha, NE Your fruits have been very warmly received. Keep up the good work! - Debbie. Paterson, Diamond bar, CA I found you to be the ideal exotic Fruits source for my friends and family. Thanks for being there. - R. Clinton, Denver, CO I wanted to thank you for the quality of the Mangosteen you sent. My mother was thrilled! - A. Montgomery, Omaha, NE I like the quality of the dragon fruit and mangosteen. They are much better than anything I can buy locally. - M. Montgomery, WA With the Fruit Club I get to try new and interesting items which I never see in stores. - K. Pitt, Denver, CO Thank you very much for delivering so promptly! - Jane, Seattle, WA The quality of your fruits(Mangosteen,Rambutan and Cherimoya) are all terrific. - T. Sarasota, Detroit, MI

Thanks for the perfect Christmas gift for my Brother! - M. Jefferson, Los Angeles, CA Thank you, 24Hour Best buy, for your prompt service and exceptional products! - A. Wickstrom , Sarasota, FL Great club - I love it! Very chic and unique! - G. Sullivan, New York, NY Of all the neat gifts I gave this year yours was the most popular! - Eunice Quedens , St Louis, MO Just a quick note to thank you for your great customer service and wonderful products. - M. Moore , Chicago, IL It's always so exciting to see what's in the box - always exceptional quality fruits. - A. Blanchett , Dearborn, MI

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Our company values is 'Integrity': ethics are a key part of our culture


 Most state in America have laws designed to encourage and protect free and fair competition. Generally speaking, these laws prohibit

1) arrangements with competitors that restrain trade in some way,

 2) abuse of intellectual property rights

 3) use of market power to engage in unfair price discrimination and other forms of unfair practices. exotic fruit is an internet base company.

Any person can search our site from any sources of  internet. Although the spirit of these laws -- known as "antitrust," "competition," or "unfair competition" laws -- is straightforward, their application to particular situations can be quite complex. To ensure that exotic fruit complies fully with these laws, each of us should have a basic knowledge of how they apply to our work. Some real life things to be cautious about include:

  •  sharing of competitively sensitive information (e.g., prices, costs, market distribution.) with competitors at trade and industry conferences;
  •  Making statements (in emails, IMs, presentations, memos or anyplace else) that wrongly suggest that has few or no competitors or that we seek to harm our competitors or improperly exploit our success.

 Please contact us whenever you have any antitrust/competition law concerns,We are going to work until conflict resolved.

Office Hour: 8am - 5pm Pacific Time Monday - Friday

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