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Custard Apple

Many people around the world enjoy the delectable fruit known as Custard Apple, or in some circles, it is known as a Sugar apple. The Sugar apple is found in only extremely tropical climates so it is probably a rare guest in your home. This is a problem for most in that they have trouble finding a reliable place to purchase it.

For those of you who have not had the chance to take a bite of this juicy little fruit, many have described it as a brilliant combination of pineapple, banana, papaya, peach, and strawberry! Who could possibly resist this delicious combination of flavors? The texture of the Sugar apple has earned it the very suitable nickname of custard apple,sitaphal sharifa and more.

At 24 Hour Best Buy, we are your Sugar apple headquarters. We have been shipping fresh Sugar apples around the U.S.A. for many years now. You will not find a deal like ours anywhere else, as it is one of a kind. All of our fruit is freshly picked by hand and the Sugar apple is absolutely no exception. The Sugar apple that you order will not be picked from the tree until your order is processed ensuring that you have the absolute freshest fruit upon delivery.

With many different purchase options, you will surely find the perfect amount of Sugar apple’s to order for you and your family. The Sugar apple didn’t earn the name custard apple for no reason. To put it simply, the Sugar apple’s flavor combination will rock your world so don’t miss out; order now!

In Arabic, it is called (qishta / ishta / ashta), the translation being "cream".

In Aceh, it is called "seureuba".

In Angola, it is called fruta-do-conde or fruta-pinha.

In Assamese, it is called Atlos .

In Bambara, it is called zumzum or sunsun.

In Bangladesh, it is called "Ata fol".

In The Bahamas, it is called "sugar apple".

In Brazil, it is called fruta-do-conde, fruta-de-conde, condessa, fruta-pinha, pinha (lit. cone), ata or anona.

Its name in Burmese is aawza te.

In Cambodia, regional names include "plae teib".

In Curacao, it is called "skopapel".

In Ethiopia, it is called Gishta in Amharic.

In Germany, it is called Zimtapfel, because of its taste.[3]

In Ghana, it is called "Sweet Apple".

In Greece, it is called γλυκ?μηλο (sweet apple ).

In Haiti, it is called kachiman.

In Iceland, it is called sólberkja.

In India it is known as: Sitaphal in most languages, literally meaning Sita's fruit

In Bengali: ata

In Gujarati: sitaphal

In Hindi: sharifa In Bhojpuri: sharifa

In Kannada: sitaphala

In Malayalam: aathakka seethappazham

In Odia: aata

In Punjabi: sharifa

In Tamil: sitappalam

In Telugu: sita phalamu

In Indonesia, srimatikiya or, as mostly people call it, srikaya.

In Jamaica, it is called "sweetsop" or "sweet-sop".

in Japan, it is called shakatou , head of Shakyamuni).

In Kenya, it is called matomoko.

In Madagascar, it is called konikony in Malagasy, or pocanelle in French.

In Malawi, it is called "mpoza" in chewa.

In Malaysia, it is called buah nona.

In Mauritius, it is called "zatte" in the Creole language.

In Martinique it is called pomme cannelle.

In Mozambique it is called ata.

In Nepal, it is called "aati" as well as "saripha".

In Nicaragua, it is called "annona guatemala".

In Northern Nigeria, it is called fasadabur in Hausa

In Pakistan, it is called Sharifa

In the Philippines, it is called atis.

In Singapore, it is called Lim kim.

In Sri Lanka, it is called "Anoda" or "Katu Atha" in Sinhalese, "Annamunnaa" in Tamil.

In Taiwan, it is called sakya (Chinese: pinyin: shìjia; Taiwanese: sek-khia, sek-kia) because one cultivar resembles the top part of Shakyamuni's head.

In Tanzania, it is called matopetope.

In Thailand, it is called noi-na .

In Uganda, it is called ekistaferi.

In Vanuatu, it is called korosol or pomkanel.

In Vietnam, it is called mãng c?u ta or na.

In Yemen, it is called Khirmish .

In Oman, it is called Sa'fal .

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