Our Aruna's Chikoo are grown here in USA. All our chikoos are hand selected and fresh chikoo. Sapodilla chikoo Fruits are so gorgeous to look and 'flavour-core' is a sure guarantee of luscious Sweet sugary flavors , make this a truly special fruit.

Sapodilla chikoo are freshly hand-pick for excellent quality.full-colored and free of moldy spots.

Medicinal Uses:

•It is use in folk medicine as a purgative and as remedy for diarrhea. It is prepared by boiling the young fruits and the decoction is taken to stop diarrhea.

•A decoction of the yellowed leaves is drunk as a remedy for coughs, colds and diarrhea.

•A liquid extracted from crushed seeds is used as diuretic and is found to be effective in removing kidney and bladder stones.

•A paste made from the seeds is useful for treating venomous stings and bites.

•An infusion of the young fruits and the flowers is drunk to relieve pulmonary complaints.

•A fluid extract from the crushed seeds is used as a sedative.

•A combined decoction of sapodilla and chayote leaves is sweetened and taken daily to lower blood pressure.

•The latex is used in the tropics as a crude filling for tooth cavities.
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