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The bergamot (Citrus aurantium ssp. bergamia) is a small and roughly pear-shaped fragrant citrus fruit native to Southeastern Asia. Today it is also commercially grown in Calabria, Italy. Bergamot grows on small evergreen trees which blossom during the spring. The distinctive aroma of the bergamot is most commonly known for its use in Earl Grey tea, though the fruit has also received prominent attention in calabrian witchcraft.

As a scent Bergamot peel is used in perfumery for its ability to combine with an array of scents to form a bouquet of aromas which complement each other. Approximately one third of all men's and about half of women’s perfumes contain bergamot essential oil[citation needed]. Bergamot was a component of the original Eau de Cologne developed in 17th century Germany - in 1704 the bergamot was first used to make the now famous "Eau de toilette" from the bergamot fruit by scooping out the pulp and squeezing the peel into sponges. 100 bergamot oranges will yield about 3 ounces of bergamot oil.

Bergamot peel is also used in aromatherapy to treat depression and as a digestive aid.

The peel is dried and used as flavoring in teas, such as Earl Grey tea. Its scent is used in aromatherapy and is said to help with depression.

Bergamot Organic Oranges - 1 Fresh Fruits in the box.