abiu fruit

Abiu (Pouteria caimito) is a tropical fruit native to South America and is found in Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, and Brazil. The fruit belongs to the Sapotaceae family. Abiu fruit is called by various other names in different regions. It is called as temare in Venezuela; caimito in Colombia; luma or cauje in Ecuador; abieiro or caimito in Brazil; yellow sapote or yellow star apple in Trinidad. Although abiu fruit is very popular for its therapeutic benefits, it is sometimes underappreciated because its peel contains white and viscous fluid that sticks to the lips.

Abiu can be eaten fresh and sometimes it is added to salads. The jelly-like pulp can be added to jam, yogurt and sherbets by combining the fruit with coconut milk and pure cane sugar. The taste of the fruit can be enhanced when it is refrigerated. Adding lemon juice to the fruit enhances the flavor. As a precautionary measure, people are advised to oil their lips while consuming abiu fruit to keep the latex from sticking their lips.

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