Exotic Fruit Club- 7 Months Membership

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 Exotic Fruit Club- 7 Months Membership
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 Exotic Fruit Club- 7 Months Membership
Exotic Fruit Club

Have you been on a vacation and had an exotic fruit that you absolutely loved but can’t find it at home? At 24HourBestBuy.com we offer some of the most delicious and best tasting exotic fruits you can buy. When you join our Exotic Fruit Club, you will receive some of the best tasting fruit from all around the world.

Why shop 24 Hour Best Buy? Every fruit basket, fruit gift and monthly fruit club is hand packed on the day we ship them. Our Exotic fruit Quality and freshness are absolutely our first concerns.

Easy shopping with always Free Shipping! We offer Free shipping on ALL of our fruit clubs. Our cart lets you shop for multiple gifts to send to different addresses in one easy order and choose a delivery month for each. We want you and your recipient to be completely satisfied or we'll replace or refund your purchase

Month Exotic  Fruit Club Month Exotic Monthly Fruit Club
January 2½ pounds Baby Pineapples July 2 pounds Kumquats
February 3 pounds Blood Oranges August 2 pounds Plumcots
March 4 pounds Mangoes September 3 pounds Asian Pears
April 3 pounds Cherimoyas October 3 pounds Organic Ambrosia Apples
May 1½ pounds Kiwi November 2 pounds Chestnuts
June 3 pounds Strawberry Papayas December 2 pounds Rambutan